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Using a Different Wiki Page

In this section you will create a new wiki page and use this page as your site's Home page.

To use a different wiki page:
  1. Create a new wiki page named Welcome. You can use the either method of creating a wiki page, do you remember how?
    Welcome page
    The new home page, named Welcome. Notice that I have included a link to the old home page by using ((HomePage|This)) .
  2. From the Admin menu, click Admin home.


    You can also access the Administration page by using the Admin: Home Admin home link in the Quick Admin area.
  3. From the Administration: Home page, click Wiki Wiki icon. .


    You can also access the Administration page by typing http://www.yourdomain.com/tiki-admin.php?page=wiki in your web browser.
  4. On the General Preferences tab, in the Home Page field to type the name of the page you created (Welcome) and click Change Preferences. Tiki saves the information and reloads the page.
    Wiki Home Page
    Specifying a different wiki page to use as the home page.

Now log out. Tiki displays your site's home page by default: the Welcome page.

But what if you do not want to use a wiki page as your home page...

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