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Using Trackers

In Tiki, trackers are a way to collect, store, and organize data. You might think of trackers as a mini database or spreadsheet that runs inside your Tiki site. The Bug and Wishlist system used on the TikiWiki Developer website is a tracker.

Trackers are also especially useful for creating forms that your site's visitors can complete. By using trackers, Tiki will create the necessary HTML form elements and record the results.


For complete information on trackers, see the Tik documentation.TikiWiki documentationexternal link. For information on dynamic trackers and pretty trackers, see Tiki Essentials.

To use trackers, you must first enable the Trackers feature.

To enable Trackers:
  1. Enable the Trackers feature on the Main tab of the Administration: Features page.
  2. From the Administration page, click the Trackers Trackers button.


    You can also access the Administration: Trackers page by typing http://www.yourdomain.com/tiki-admin.php?page=trackers in your web browser.

    Administration: Trackers
    Configuring the global tracker options.

    The Administration: Trackers page contains the options that apply to all trackers on your Tiki. Later you will customize the options that are specific to each tracker.
For now, you can leave the options as their defaults. Let's create a new tracker.

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