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Using the Administrator Pages

With Tiki, you can complete all configuration and administration tasks from your Web browser, simply by using the Administration pages.


Use the Quick Admin module (enabled by defaults) to quickly access some of the most common Administration pages.

Quick admin
The Quick Admin module, Tiki 15.

By default, the Quick Admin module contains the following buttons
  • Wizard Wizards (introduced in Tiki 12)
  • Admin Home Control panels (Admin home)
  • Admin Look and Feel Themesl
  • Admin Users Users
  • Admin Groups Groups
  • Admin Permissions Permissions
  • Admin Menus Menus
  • Clear Cache Clear all Caches
  • Image Rebuild search index
  • Image Plugin approval
  • Log Logs
  • Admin Modules Modules
  • Image Smarty debug window

To access the main administration page, select the Settings > Control Panels option in the Menu module.
Selecting Control Panels option in Menu
Selecting the Control Panels option in the Menu.


You can also access the Administration page by typing in your web browser or by clicking Control Panels (Control Panels ) in the Quick Admin links.

The Administration page provides links to each section's own administration page. Features that have not been turned on are shown "grayed out" (such as the Blogs, in the example below).
Control Panels page
The Control Panels page. Unavailable items are grayed out.

Use the Help Help button (available on all administration pages) to find detailed help from the Tiki documentation.

Filtering and Finding Preferences

Tiki has thousands of features, options, and settings. To help new administrators, use the Preference Filters to display only the most common options. If you are following along with this guide, be sure to enable the Basic and Advanced filters.
Administration filter
Filtering and Searching for configuration preferences.


Use the Preferences Search to quickly find any Tiki setting or option on any administration page.


By default, Tiki uses an English language interface. However, Tiki has been translated into more then 40 languages. To use Tiki in your language:

  1. Click the i18n button.
  2. On the Administration: i18n page, use the Default Language field to select your language.
  3. Click Save.

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