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Smart Questions (FAQs)

Since its debut in August 2007, I have received several questions about this guide. Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and their answers.
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What is this all about?

This guide is my attempt to contribute to the Tiki Community. I'm not really a hard-core coder, so I'm contributing what I can. Read more about me, here. Read more about the Tiki features used on this site, here.

To learn more about the the background of this project and what it takes to write a wiki book, read this article(external link) (also a wiki) on

Why "Smarties"?

You're obviously not a "dummy" — you've already made the decision to use Tiki. :-)

Why isn't insert your favorite Tiki feature here covered in this guide?

Probably because I didn't feel that insert your favorite Tiki feature here was "mainstream" enough (or I simply don't know how to use it).

My goal is not to discuss every single Tiki feature. The Tik documentation already does a good job of that. Instead, this guide covers only the features that I use. If you're an expert on a feature not covered in this guide, why not add it?

Why isn't Smarties available in insert your native language?

Because I speak English only. There is a translation link (using Google Translate) provided on each page. Read more about this guide's multilingual capabilities, here.

Can I reuse or redistribute parts of this guide?

Absolutely. Please read the copyright statement for more information, including proper attribution.

Is this content really free?

It sure is (under a Creative Commons copyright). If you found Smarties to be helpful, you might consider making a donation directly to me (use the Donate button, in the left column). Or, if you prefer, you can make a donation to (a not-for-profit group), the publisher of this guide.

Can you help me with a problem that isn't answered in this guide?

Did you review the Troubleshooting and How Do I... sections? I'll try to answer your question, but better options are:
Be sure to review Tiki Essentials, the follow-up to this guide!

Wow! You're really good with Tiki design and administration. Can I hire you to customize my Tiki site?

Sure. I'm available for freelance. Complete this form to contact me and discuss your job.

Does this site have a Privacy Policy?

Yes: Basically, except for your email address (required for registration) I do not collect or maintain any personal information. I'll use your email address only to send site notifications and updates, and will include opt-out instructions.

How can I print or purchase a copy of Smarties?

You can print a single page, selected pages, or the entire guide by using the Tiki Print feature. Simply click the Print icon (Image ) at the top of any page. See Using this Guide for more information.

You can generate a PDF of a single page, via Simply click the PDF (Image ) at the top of any page. See Using this Guide for more information.icon

You can also download a PDF Image of the entire guide from Scribd. I attempt to update the Scribd PDF on a semi-regular basis. See Get Smart for more information.

You can also purchase a professionally produced edition of Tiki for Dummies Smarties from LuLu, Amazon, and others! The book is available in softcover and Ebook (ePub and Kindle) editions.

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