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Smarty Movies

These are the video compendium to this guide. These Flash (SWF) movies illustrate some of the key concepts from the guide. Simply click the video, sit back, and become a smarty. ;-)
This is just a start... You can help!


Watch how to complete the Tiki Installer screens, including how to configure your database connection. This movie also shows your initial Administrator login and General Administration pages. See Installing Tiki for more information.
General Configuration
This demo shows the basic configuration for a new Tiki on the Administration: General page. It also shows how to allow new visitors to become registered users of your Tiki site. See Configuring General Admin Options for more information.
Creating Pages
This demo illustrates the three methods for creating new wiki pages: Linking from an existing page, using the Quick Edit module, and using the Page Listing page. See Creating a Wiki Page for more information.
Tiki Blogs
This demo shows how to configure Tiki's blogging system. It also illustrates how to create a new blog and post your first entry. See Configuring Blogs for more information.
This demo shows how to add modules to Tiki's left and right columns, including how to create a custom, user-defined module. See Adding Modules for more information.
This demo shows how to to create a custom menu and then display it in a module. See Configuring Menus for more information.
This demo shows how to to create a tracker and tracker fields. It then demonstrates two methods to populate the tracker and display the tracker information. See Using Trackers for more information.
This demo shows how to to create a wiki structure, add new pages to the structure, and reorganize the pages in the structure. See Using Structures for more information.
Staging and Approval
This demo shows the staging and approval process for wiki pages. This demo was created for Tiki and SUMO.
Wiki Translation
This demo shows the how to create and synchronize translations between wiki pages. This demo was created for CLWE (Cross Lingual Wiki Engine Project) and Tiki.

And just for fun...

And just for fun...
The Many Faces of TikiWiki
This video shows a montage of different TikiWiki installations... see what's possible! Now that you're a >smarty> you can make Tiki your own.

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